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I put these together because I am sick of reading girls putting themselves down on tumblr because they don’t look like any of these women. There are things called high end cosmetics and photoshop that make these women look perfect by hiding their blemishes and wrinkles. The truth is they can afford far better makeup than you. The stuff they use is almost magic. And we all know the things they can do with photographs these days. Strip all that away and they’re just like you. You also have to figure how many of these women had cosmetic surgery. There is no so such thing as a perfect and flawless looking person.

Long overdue post…puts things into a more balanced perspective. Thank you for this compilation.

this makes me feel better about not having thick eyebrows like you don’t even fucking know

I think we need to all realize that we are ALL beautiful. Even though so many of these women appear tired and weary without the pound of makeup we usually see them in.. they’re really just human and STILL BEAUTIFUL. FUCK the media and society’s standard of beauty. 

I thought Julia Roberts was Steven Tyler

I don’t care what you say. They’re all perf.

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